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Pivotal Energy Solutions is a technology company focused on delivering innovative software solutions for the energy efficiency market. Our flagship product, AXIS, is a cloud-hosted software platform designed to enable operational efficiencies and transparency for energy efficiency program administrators, participants, and evaluators.

Used by leading program sponsors and utilities such as NEEA, Energy Trust of Oregon, and Arizona Public Service, AXIS serves as a centralized data collection, storage, and sharing hub with integrated workflow management and messaging functionality. In addition to supporting the RESNET energy rating protocols, the modular architecture of AXIS allows for customization of functionality, visibility, and workflows to meet program-specific needs.

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Axis Demonstrations

We offer on-line webinars to demonstrate Axis features and functionality. Contact us by phone or email to schedule a webinar for your organization.

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AXIS is a cloud-based data and workflow management platform that streamlines energy ratings and energy efficiency program participation through data sharing by connecting raters/verifiers, HERS providers, home builders, HVAC contractors, QA organizations, utilities, program evaluators, and others using a centralized data repository. Contact us to learn more about AXIS.

HERS Raters and Providers

  • Track your homes in shared system.
  • Import Architectural Energy Corporation’s REM/Rate™ data and populate inspection checklists.
  • Export and upload or populate ENERGY STAR 3.0 checklists on a per-home basis or as a batch process.

Utilities and Program Sponsors

  • Create custom Energy Efficiency Programs (EEPs) and define program data collection requirements and incentive levels
  • Review home inspection and energy model data
  • Process incentive payments
  • Store program documentation
  • Customized report generation

Home Builders

  • Immediate access to Rater inspection reports for Builder homes
  • Track incentive payments
  • Review Energy Savings prior to construction
  • Customized report generation

With AXIS, we will have access to more comprehensive data to QA homes within our program.

Tom Hines of Arizona Public Service

Latest News

Earth Advantage and Pivotal Energy Solutions Partner to Consolidate Aggregation and Distribution of Green Home Data

Earth Advantage and Pivotal Energy Solutions announced today a partnership to help deliver green and energy efficient homes data through Earth Advantage’s Green Building Registry® (GBR). Since 2017, the Green Building Registry has provided green home data, verified from the source, to the public and real estate multiple listing services. The DaaS platform provides verified data from sources such as green home certifications, RESNET HERS® Index scores, US DOE Home Energy Scores, and solar data. The data is made available through a publicly available website (us.greenbuildingregistry.com) or through a proprietary API connection with regional multiple listing services across the US.

Bob Burns, president of Pivotal, said, “We are thrilled to be working with Earth Advantage and the Green Building Registry team to share home certification data being aggregated within our AXIS platform with home-buyers, realtors, appraisers, and other downstream consumers through the GBR.” Pivotal’s AXIS product is used as a cloud-based program administration platform for residential new construction energy efficiency programs in the Pacific Northwest and other U.S. markets but also serves as an aggregator of green certification data for national programs such as National Green Building Standard (NGBS) and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). “Partnering with Earth Advantage on the data distribution front allows Pivotal to focus on data aggregation and enables our respective organizations to best serve both providers of the data and consumers of the data by offering a single data aggregation and distribution channel. We feel that this consolidated approach will simplify the data sharing process and advance our mutual goal of proper valuation of green and energy efficient homes in the marketplace,” Burns added.

David Heslam, executive director at Earth Advantage stated, “Data drives the modern world. That's especially true for the real estate industry which provides the data for millions of home sales and mortgages every year. The Pivotal team has done a good job of making it simple for green programs to store their home data in the AXIS database. Our new partnership with Pivotal will make that 3rd-party verified green data easily available to MLS systems, agents, appraisers, and lenders through the Green Building Registry. The benefits of a one-stop-shop for green home data should be enormous."

The Green Building Registry was built and is maintained by the 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Earth Advantage, Inc. Earth Advantage’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of high performance and sustainable, residential building practices. We focus on two key pathways for success: maintaining well-above-code standards for our own certifications and providing information to the public in the form of data, and professional training. Visit: earthadvantage.org to learn more.

AXIS, Pivotal’s cloud-based data hub and workflow management solution, is specifically architected to serve the residential energy efficiency industry through aggregation of certified home data and streamlining the administration of and participation in residential new construction green and energy efficiency programs. To share your program data through AXIS, or to inquire about how AXIS might address your program needs, click here.

Pivotal Incorporates LEED Certifications into AXIS Cloud-Based Data Hub

Pivotal Energy Solutions announced today that LEED-certified homes will be integrated into Pivotal's AXIS cloud-based data hub. Created by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. Pivotal will add more than 36,000 LEED-certified residential projects into the AXIS database to augment Pivotal's existing collection of National Green Building Standard (NGBS) and ENERGY STAR Certified Buildings certifications.

"We're very excited to add USGBC's LEED certifications to our portfolio of aggregated energy efficiency certified projects,” said Bob Burns, president of Pivotal. “No other platform offers the volume and diversity of building certification data that AXIS does."

With the addition of LEED, the AXIS database will soon contain over 150,000 certified single family homes and multi-family residential buildings from across the United States. The database consists of certified projects collected natively through the AXIS program administration and participation functionality, as well as third-party national and regional program data. Pivotal intends to fully integrate USGBC’s public residential project list into AXIS in Q4 2020. Project names will be made available through a searchable web portal or as a subscription service.

"We believe that by establishing AXIS as the preeminent source for energy efficiency data and enabling access to projects through a single platform, we'll make it easier for real estate professionals and the investment community to use the data so that the true value of high-performance buildings can be realized," Burns added.

LEED homes are built to be healthier, safer, and more comfortable for the people inside. On average, they use 20-30% less energy than a home built to code. LEED homes are also required to demonstrate 20% water savings, helping to put money back into owners’ pockets. They are built to be energy-efficient, ensuring that they can be comfortably heated and cooled with minimal energy usage.

To learn more about Pivotal or to access AXIS building certification data, contact Pivotal Energy Solutions directly. To learn more about USGBC or its LEED certification offering, visit usgbc.org.

Pivotal Announces EnergyPlus Web API for Simulation of Residential New Construction

Pivotal Energy Solutions announced today functionality that enables simulation of residential energy models using the U.S. Department of Energy's EnergyPlus simulation engine through a web-based application programming interface (API) developed by Pivotal. Pivotal's methodology translates energy model input fields into an HPXML data set that is passed to a version of EnergyPlus installed on a remote, cloud-based compute server hosted by Amazon Web Services. Pivotal's EnergyPlus web API enables users to initiate simulations with, and retrieve results from, EnergyPlus, an open-source simulation engine whose development is led by DOE's National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). Since 2016, the DOE has invested in EnergyPlus improvements to better support simulation of residential buildings through its OpenStudio Software Development Kit. DOE’s future plans also call for EnergyPlus to replace the DOE-2 simulation engine for generation of its Home Energy Score rating, which is used in estimating the energy consumption of existing residential properties.

Pivotal’s initial EnergyPlus-based product offering will enable energy efficiency program sponsors to run a background process to re-simulate energy models created in other modeling software using EnergyPlus resulting in a "normalized" set of energy consumption and savings values that can be used for incentive calculation, regulatory reporting, and program evaluation. Bob Burns, president of Pivotal, said, “We believe strongly that coalescence around EnergyPlus as a common simulation engine for energy modeling of both new and existing homes will result in more credibility and transparency throughout the entire residential energy rating industry. By offering a low-cost service for utilities and program sponsors that provides the input translation, runtime ruleset, and compute infrastructure, customers will get consistent, accurate results that they can depend on. We believe that this solution could transform the industry and add tremendous value not only for the programs themselves but for potential downstream consumers of the data in the real estate, mortgage, and investment markets.” Scott Horowitz, Senior Research Engineer at NREL and program implementation lead for EnergyPlus’s residential development added, “Enabling EnergyPlus and OpenStudio – both available through an open-source software model - and the public HPXML standard for simulation of both new and existing homes has been our vision for several years. Pivotal’s solution is directly in-line with our goals for EnergyPlus and we’re anxious to see the impact our work has in the marketplace.” A prototype of the Pivotal EnergyPlus web API is available for demonstration today and full production availability is anticipated by Q4, 2020.

To learn more about Pivotal or its EnergyPlus web API, contact Pivotal Energy Solutions directly. Information about Energy Plus and Open Studio can be found here.

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